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Indicator light panel

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Physical object


The object is a printed circuit board with a black panel attached along one edge with two metal brackets. The circuit board has through solder lugs, soldered to the traces on both sides of the board. It also has 31-pin edge connectors on both sides, which are connected in pairs via 31 of the solder lugs. The panel is mounted at a right angle to the board and has a series of 24 holes in it, arranged in a line parallel to the board. There are 7 neon light bulb soldered to lugs on the board and aligned to show through some of the holes in the panel, one bulb per hole. There 25 resistors soldered to lugs on the board, one to each light bulb with 18 not connected to bulbs.

Identifying Numbers

Other number 63PW322 Etched on the bottom of the board


overall: 1 in x 9 in x 4 1/4 in


I/O/console / panelI/O/console / panel