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Portable computer

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overall: 5 1/2 in x 18 in x 15 1/2 in


Object is a compact portable computer. It is remarkable for having no manufacturer labels of any kind and no numbers. It comprises a system unit with a pop-up LCD screen and two 5-inch diskette drives
Attached by a coiled cord is a keyboard. The keyboard is designed to fit into a recess on the bottom of the system unit, although now, owing to kinks in the cord, it is difficult to store it in the intended position. On the back are connectors: a DB-25 male connector labeled RS-232; a DB-25 female connector labeled "Centronix"; a slide-switch labeled "Clock Speed hi/low"; a female DB-9 labeled "RGB VIDEO"; an RCA jack labelled "COMPOSITE VIDEO", and a slide switch labeled "LCD/CRT". There is an opening for some type of optional addition on the rear. The unit was found in association with the linked CRT monitor.


Digital computer/personal computer/portable / luggable

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