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Puller assembly

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Physical object


overall: 4 in x 4 1/2 in x 2 5/8 in


The object consists of 2 thick metal bars with a 0.75 inch steel lead screw threaded into a brass nut attached to the lower bar. The lead screw goes through a bearing in the upper bar and is pinned to a large aluminum knob. Turning the knob adjusts the distance between the 2 bars. Each end of the upper bar has a rod bolted to it. The rods pass through the lower bar and are capped with plastic feet. The lower bar has two hooks attached to its bottom. One hook is fixed and the other is spring loaded to the side. This would allow the hooks to grab one object, while the plastic feet are pushing on a second object which surrounds the first.. Turning the knob would pull the first object from the second..


Miscellaneous/tools and hardware