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Friden SRW 10 calculator

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The Friden had two registers on the carriage and one on the main body in the multiply section. The Friden featured keys labeled: MULT, NEG MULT, ACCUM MULT, MULT CLEAR, REP, NON ENT, CTR CON, ADD, +, -, and ENTER DIVD plus two keys identically labeled with the division symbol, shift keys, two unlabeled sliding switches, 20 tiny knobs, 11 thumb wheels and more. In addition each of the numbers 0-9 appeared 10 times in the adding block, once in the multiply block and once on the carriage. It has the ability to find the square root of a number with the touch of one of the eleven buttons at the base of the machine. There is a blue DOE US Government property tag on top of the carriage. There is a depricated LLNL number (93.xxxx.1A) with blue dot at bottom right cover.


ca. 1959

Friden, Inc.

San Leandro, Calif US

Identifying Numbers

Other number LV4499525 Typed on a white inventory tag on right side of machine.
Serial number 880986 Stamped into bottom frame.

overall: 8 1/2 in x 18 in x 14 1/4 in