Artifact Details


TX-2 Pulse Transformer module

Catalog Number



Physical object


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Identifying Numbers

Other number 18-16P The patent number is found on the bottom next to the connector pins.
Other number 63PW841 This number is found on the top of both sides of the circuitboards.
Other number D-82342 The drawing number is found on the blue plaque on the sides (on one of the objects only).


overall: 6 3/8 in x 2 in x 1 in


The record contains 6 modules with the same 63PW841 number. However only one of the modules has a blue plaque on the side with the drawing and serial numbers. They have blue metal sides, a clear handle with one orange band and one blue band. There are 18 connector pins at the bottom of the object. The serial numbers are located on the side of the module which has a blue plaque and on the handle of the remaining modules. The serial numbers are different for each module. There are two circuit boards on each side comprised of various components and wires. The manufacturer of the bottom plastic piece "Continental" is located on the bottom where the connector pins are.