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Vacuum tube type 5965

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U. S.

Identifying Numbers

Model number 5965 Printed in silver ink around the glass envelope.
Other number 317261 Printed in white ink around the glass envelope.


overall: 2 1/4 in x 7/8 in x 7/8 in


This entry consists of 82 objects manufactured by IBM, GE, and RCA. The 5965 is a dual triode packaged in a miniature glass envelope with nine pins. It is a digital-service grade similar to the 12AV7 medium-mu twin triode with lower gain. The tubes are marked with three groups of different numbers printed in white on the glass envelope. They are also marked with various colors of dots painted on the top of the tube near the tip. 54 have one orange dot and one white dot; 3 have one orange dot; 2 have an orange dot and a red ring painted around the tip; 1 has just the red ring; 4 have a white dot painted over the orange dot; 15 have a single white dot, and 3 don't have any marking.


Component/vacuum tube


Gift of Gene M. Amdahl

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