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Cathode-ray oscillograph

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Physical object


This oscillograph includes a 4.5-inch CRT and the exterior is not marked with any manufacturer information. Manufacturer name and serial and type numbers are located behind the front cover. The front has a beige primer-like finish while the sides, top, bottom, and back have a gray hammertone finish. There are splotches of beige paint carelessly applied on all five surfaces. The front panel has no knobs, but the front cover is perforated to provide access to screw driver slots. Several vent louvers on the sides and top and holes on the bottom panel provide ventilation. The back panel has a hinged drop-down door that provides access to terminals for the four deflection plates and jumpers to connect the input to the plates directly or to deflection amplifiers. Below the door there are 4 unmarked BNC connectors, below which there is a bracket to coil the power cord around. Toward the bottom of the back panel there are two holes, the left one of which provides access to a fuse holder; the power cord extends from the right one. The power cord has been cut off about 9 inches from the unit.


DuMont Laboratories

Identifying Numbers

Other number 304A Type number imprinted on top left of body beneath cover.
Serial number 5V64 Imprinted on top left of body beneath cover.


overall: 13 3/4 in x 8 3/4 in x 21 in


Test equipment