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HP Company

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U. S.

Identifying Numbers

Other number EA03DF16068 Printed in black ink on a white sticker, also with a bar code, attached to the lower left side of the component side of the board.
Other number RJLME9 Printed (dot matrix) in black ink on a white sticker attached to the top of the component side of the circuit board.


overall: 1 1/8 in x 13 3/4 in x 9 1/4 in


This object is some type of motherboard manufactured by HP. Active and passive components, 9 edge connectors, a pin header connector, four DIP switches, an HP IL jack, a 5-pin DIN connector, two crystals (14.31818 MHz and 48 MHz), and six unpopulated IC sockets populate the component side of the board. Six of the ICs have "CHIPS" printed on them. The PCB has four layers, and both sides are covered with a protective resin. Each side of the board sports a small white kludge wire soldered between two points and fastened down with several dabs of glue.


Component/circuit board

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