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IBM card to Braille reader

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Physical object




Lawrence Radiation Laboratory (LRL)

Place Manufactured

Livermore Calif.


overall: 15 1/2 in x 18 3/8 in x 4 3/4 in


This unit consists of a punched card to Braille reader installed in a briefcase. Inside the briefcase, the polished aluminum reader has a mechanism for reading a punched card at the top. This includes a black read head and a small metal clip which pushes the card through the reader. The lower-left part of the reader has a toggle switch labelled "Fast FWD" and "Fast Rev". There are two corresponding Braille-labeled push buttons. The lower-right has a two-digit decimal display with Braille dots on the numbers and labeled "column number." A small pad is labeled "read-out" and has 6 movable Braille dots. In the upper left corner there is an on/off switch, a fuse,and a speed adj. knob.
This is a custom unit built at the Lawrence Livermore Mechanical Laboratory. LLNL deprecated number is 85.679.01and is handwritten on the right side of the briefcase.


I/O/punched card device