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Control panel

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Physical object

Identifying Numbers

Other number FPE WM$P450B-001 9020 Written in black marker across the PCB behind "MSP"
Other number FRR 4WUP600GA1 9436 Written in black marker across the PCB behind "URP"


overall: 55 in x 12 1/2 in x 5 1/2 in


Object is a hinged metal panel inside a larger metal enclosure. The panel bears two near-identical control panels, the upper one labeled "MSP" and the lower, "URP". Opening the panel reveals PCBs that carry a few small ICs (which dates the technology as at least the 1980s). The control panels a row illuminated push-buttons with legends like START, TROUBLE, ONLINE and Operator Interrupt. There are rows of small toggle switches labeled 0 to 15, and some small pilot lights and one male and one female round multi-pin connector. In general the panels appear to be for controlling some type of 16-bit computer.


I/O/console / panel