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Decscope terminal

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Physical object


The record contains one Decscope. The keyboard is attached. It has blue, gray and red keys on a standard QWERTY keyboard. There is a tape label on the front of the monitor with scribbled out numbers in black ink. There is a piece of masking tape on the left side of the monitor with the letters, "NR" in black marker. On the right side there a grey panel that has an off and on switch. There is also a white button with a number 2 printed on it, in red. There is a sticker on this side as well, with the logo of the manufacturer. There is another sticker that says, "LISTED E.D.P. EQUIP. 708A. NFPA TYPE II." On the front right side with a panel with a small shelf/stand attached. There are vents on the top left side. There is a "digital decscope" label stamped on the front right side where the keyboard is. The bottom has four feet. On the bottom there are instructions, descriptions and features of the Decscope. There is also a mesh vent on the bottom. One cable ends in a three-prong plug. The other cable ends in a male connector. The words "A-MP" are stamped onto the connector.




Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

Identifying Numbers

Model number VT50-AA It is on the back lefthand side of the monitor printed on a silver plaque.
Other number C108 Found on an unattached tag placed in front of the monitor.
Part number PN 13296 It is on the back lefthand side of the monitor printed on a silver plaque.


overall: 14 in x 20 3/8 in x 27 in