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Physical object


Hewlett Packard

Place Manufactured


Identifying Numbers

Other number 9857IX This is located on the back, printed on a sticker, after the Hewlett Packard logo.
Serial number 2931A07031 This is located on the back, printed on a sticker.


overall: 3 3/4 in x 13 in x 18 1/2 in


This record contains one computer. It has a cable attached that is a proprietary connector that comes out from the back, that would connect to a keyboard. On the back metal piece, there are RGB coax connectors, and stamped into it, it says, "RGB." There is another coax connector labeled "LAN." There is also subminiature D-shaped RS232 connector. There is a female connector labeled "HP-18." There are air vents in the back metal piece as well. There is a place to have put another Ethernet cable, labeled "LAN AUI." There is also a configuration switch on the back labeled, "CONFIG." There is also a standard power connector on the back. There are some labels on the back that have product information and power source information on them.
On the front, there is a power switch on a ridged front panel. The front top has a white label that says, "sternum" printed in black. On the top back there is also a handwritten note in red ink, "SCRAP."


Digital computer/personal computer/desktop