Artifact Details


Turbo PS/400 printer

Catalog Number



Physical object


June 1990


NewGen Systems Corporation

Place Manufactured


Identifying Numbers

Serial number A 11536 Located on the back, printed on a label behind the paper feed.


overall: 8 1/2 in x 17 3/4 in x 18 1/4 in


This record contains one Apple-compatible laser printer indicated by the interface: on the back bottom gray piece on metal, it says, "APPLETALK" in print. There is a parallel and a serial interface with connectors that are labeled as "PARALLEL" and "SERIAL." There is a rear paper feed that opens up. When opened, there is product information revealed on the back. On the left back side, there is a vent as well as a 3-prong male power connector and a power switch with power information on a label. The bottom gray piece that supports the rest of the printer has vents on the sides and back. The right side has the words, "TEST PRINT" in silver lettering. On the top front side, there is a label sticker with the words printed, "Tech Pubs 2 (nice paper)." The front of the printer has the "NewGen" logo on the top left side, with the name of the printer next to it, both in blue print. The right side has various buttons and controls for the device with a small screen and light indicators. There is a slot for a paper cartridge in the front center part of the printer. There are various ridges in the plastic on the sides and top of the printer. The top has an indented and slanted compartment for where the paper would most likely come out. There are various parts that open up and reveal what is inside the machine.

The print mechanism is noted to be manufactured in Japan, in June of 1989. This information is found either on the back or on the bottom of the printer, on printed labels.