Artifact Details


Flip Chip module

Catalog Number



Physical object


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

Identifying Numbers

Other number 06563 Printed in black ink on a clear sticker attached to the solder side
Other number 10 Printed in black ink on a white piece of paper attached to the component side
Other number 5010B4BD M7341 Soldered in the middle of the solder side
Other number 519E Engraved on the sides of both handles on the solder side
Other number M7341 Stamped in white ink on the top of one of the handles


overall: 9 in x 10 1/2 in x 1/2 in


This record contains one flip chip. There are two red handles at the top of the board and four connectors on the bottom. There is a cord attached to the top right corner of the component side, there is a female connector attached to the end of the cord. There is a red indicator light on the top right hand corner next to the attached cord. The words "Programable Module" are soldered near the top of the solder side