Artifact Details


Gas thyratron type EL C3J

Catalog Number



Physical object


Electrons Inc.

Place Manufactured

Newark, N. J.

Identifying Numbers

Model number EL C3J Printed in silver ink around the glass envelope.
Other number 103 Written in green ink on the metal base.
Other number 2111506 The first of six patent numbers printed in silver ink around the glass envelope.


overall: 5 5/8 in x 1 5/8 in x 1 5/8 in


This object is a xenon triode thyratron with a center-tapped filament in a glass envelope with a medium-metal-shell small four-pin bayonet base and a cap for the plate at the opposite end. The circumference of the base is metal, with a ceramic bottom through which the pins project. There is a small protrusion on the side of the base positioned between pins 2 and three. The tube is rated at 900 V forward voltage at 2.5 A continuous current.


Component/vacuum tube