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Single channel tube

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Physical object

Identifying Numbers

Other number C-7 Written in black ink on a white sticker attached to the glass tube


overall: 32 3/4 in x 2 in x 2 in


This record contains one single channel tube. There is a metal object encased in a cylindrical glass tube. This metal object has several glass and metal rods attached to it. There are several wires and connectors which attach the ends of the metal object to the ends of the glass tube. One end of the glass tube ends in a protruding glass point. The other end of the tube ends in a longer protruding point. On the end with the longer point there are six metal wires encased in plastic attached to the glass tube, and ending in male connectors. On the end with the shorter glass point there are two cords ending in circular male pin connectors. One of these cords has wire mesh encasing the separate ribbons.




Gift of Sterling Newberry, Micro-bit Corporation

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