Artifact Details


Data cell carrier

Catalog Number



Physical object


IBM Corporation

Place Manufactured


Identifying Numbers

Other number 3021 Printed on a sticker, in between the words, "IBM" and "DATA CELL."
Other number 82.133.01A Deprecated LLNL number, handwritten in black ink on top near the handle.
Other number 9 Handwritten in black marker on a piece of masking tape on the storage module.
Serial number 8093 Printed on a sticker on one side of the storage module.


overall: 15 3/4 in x 4 1/2 in x 4 1/2 in


This record contains one data cell carrier. It is a data strip carrier. The carrier has a beige top with a handle, with a clear trapezoidal case under it, where the data cell is visible on the interior. The handle has the manufacturer label engraved on it. The data cell inside has a vent on the bottom. There is also a yellow caution sticker on the data cell. There are some pencil markings and writings on the top beige part of the carrier.


Miscellaneous/carrying case/cover