Artifact Details


Tape spooler

Catalog Number



Physical object


Ferranti Corporation

Place Manufactured


Identifying Numbers

Other number 56(00) - 135 Stamped in white on the top of the object. There are two numbers in the beginning that are illegible.
Other number A1 Printed on a label sticker on the front bottom right side.
Other number INV 8 Printed on a green sticker on the front left side.
Serial number 173 Printed on a label sticker on the front bottom right side.


overall: 12 in x 12 in x 9 in


This record contains one tape spooler. There is a tape spool on the front, with black 1-inch paper tape, with seven channels. There is a lock on the spool. There are metal guides on the top left front. There is an on/off switch on the top right front. There is a label sticker on the bottom right front, with various product information printed on it. There is a logo plate on the front center. There is an attached power cord that is a standard 3-prong AC plug. There is a LINCOLN LABORATORY GOVERNMENT PROPERTY yellow stamp on the top, as well as a WRDC stamp next to it. There is a piece of tape on the bottom front that says in handwritten pencil, "Number cancelled." There is a "WWI AIR FORCE" sticker on the top right front side.


I/O/paper tape device