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Data cell carrier

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Physical object


IBM Corporation

Identifying Numbers

Other number 06146 Stamped in black on the data cell, seen through a slight opening in the metal piece on the data cell. It is also handwritten in red ink on a white sticker on the top beige part near the handle.
Other number 20C082 Found handwritten on a white label sticker on the data cell. 20 is labeled as "FUNC.", C as "BIN," and 082 as "SEQ."
Other number 75 Handwritten in ink on one of the sides of the data cell.


overall: 15 3/4 in x 4 1/2 in x 4 1/2 in


This record contains one data cell carrier. It is a data strip carrier. The carrier has a beige top with a handle, with a clear trapezoidal case under it, where the data cell is visible on the interior. The handle has the manufacturer label on top, in raised lettering. The data cell inside has a vent on the bottom. There is also a yellow sticker on the data cell that reads, "MAGNESIUM STORE IN COMPLIANCE WITH NFPA STANDARD 48" in print. There is also a black ATTENTION sticker above it, with various handling and care instructions. The white label sticker on the data cell is labeled "AUSTIN DPC," with the date printed on the bottom, "DEC. 1966." The white sticker on the top where the handle is contains the handwritten number and reads, "VIS CKD 4/9/5 MA."


Miscellaneous/carrying case/cover