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EMULEX disc drive

Catalog Number



Physical object



Identifying Numbers

Model number PE09 Handwritten on a sticker affixed to the back left corner
Other number 102620799 Deprecated CHM number located in the bottom right corner at the back of the drive
Other number BZ8040 Found on a white barcode label in the back lefthand corner.
Serial number PE 0920101-010 Handwritten on a sticker affixed to the back left corner


overall: 5 in x 19 1/4 in x 24 3/4 in


The record contains an EMULEX disc drive with two latch doors, which open to reveal space for drive. The drives are missing. On either side of the two drive doors are four white buttons. They read "Drive Power On/ Off, " "ready," "write protect," "secure/ sequencing." There are two vents on either side of the disc drive. The top of the drive has two yellow post-it notes taped to it. One has the letter "V" handwritten on it. The other note has the number "24" handwirtten and circled as well as "security check ok 10/10/00 (Signature) to CMHC" The serial number is also written on the post-it. The back has one large circular vent as well as "SCSI interface in and out" connectors. There is also a fuse pull, and a spot to connect a three pronged chord.