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Battery box

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Physical object


This record contains one battery box. There are two black pointed knobs on the front of the box. These knobs are surrounded by numbers stamped in black ink on the front of the box. Beneath one of the knobs the words "turn off battery" are stamped in black ink. The right side of the box has a protruding metal component. On the left side of the box there is a small hole. A white paper label is attached to the back of the box which has been torn through the middle. The words "bias supply" are still visible as is a partial diagram in blue ink. The words "Battery removed. 30 June 2003. Two everyday. No. 415. Neda 213 45V." are written in black ink on a white tag attached to the box with string. There is a diagram of a battery charge on the back with the words "bk or red" written beneath it in black ink.

Identifying Numbers

Other number 74868 Stamped in copper along the edge of the protruding metal component
Other number UC-625B/U Stamped in copper along the edge of the protruding metal component


overall: 2 1/2 in x 4 in x 2 1/4 in


Power source/adapter


Gift of Sterling Newberry, Micro-bit Corporation

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