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Includes material from or about the following companies:

Folder 1:
R-Factor Computer Concerns; R-Ohm Corp.; R2E of America; Racal-Vadic; RACET Computes; Radio Communications Co.; Radio Electronics; Radio Hut Electronics; Radio Shack.

Folder 2:
Gerald Rafshoon Advertising; David Rager; Rah Systems; Rainbow Computing Inc. / Rainbow Enterprise; Rainbow Data Systems; RAIR; Ramsey Electronics; Ramtek; Ramworks; Randal Data Systems; R&L Data Systems Inc.; Randolph Technical Inst.; Random Research Inc.; Rank Peripherals of Canada; Pat Rankin; Rational Data Systems; Rauh, Good & Darlo Advertising Associates; Raven Co.; Ray Dohlby Electronics; Ray Moore Enterprises; Raygam Inc.; Raymond G. Lorber Inc.; Raytheon.

Folder 3:
R.C. Data; RC Engineering; RCA; RCI Computer Services; RCS Inc.; RD-McElroy & Co.; RDA Inc.; R.D.C. Enterprises; RDM Industrial Products; Re/International Systems Corp.; Read-More Publications Inc.; Reading Development Center; Readout Computer Stores; Real Computing; Real Oregon Computer Co.; Real Time Designs; Real Time Intelligence; Realist; Realistic Controls Corp; Realty Software Co.; Reason Agency; Rebcc; REC Computer Systems; Recognition Equipment Inc.; Recortec Inc.

Folder 4:
Recreational Computer Center; Recreational Computing Magazine; Recreational Programmer Magazine; Rectortec Inc.; Redactron Corp.; Redding Computer Ltd.; REFAC Electronics Corp.; Regional & Worldwide Marketing; Regis McKenna Inc.; Reik Music; Thomas Reimer; Relational Memory Systems; Relay Division of Hi-G Inc.; Remark International; Remex Corp.; Remington / Reming Office Products Inc.; Remote Computer Supplies (RCS); Renaissance Systems; Renouf USA; Rent-a-Writer; Rental Electronics Inc.; Repco; Research Development Corp.; Research Publications; Resource Management; Resource Marketing Inc.; Resources; Resources for Communication; Reston Publishing Co. Inc.; Retail Computer Store; Retail Computer Systems; Retail Sciences Inc.; REAP Inc.; Reticon Corp.; Rexon Business Machines Corp.; Rey International Inc.; Reynolds Securities Inc.; RF&C; RGS Electronics; R.H. Electronics; Rianda Electronics Ltd.; The Ribbon House; Ridley Enslow Publishers.

Folder 5:
Rigel Four; Ripley Computers; George Risk Industries Inc. (GRI); RJ Software Systems; RLC Associates; RMC Computer Services; RMK Manufacturing; RMS Technology Inc.; RNB Enterprises; Ro-che Systems; Robert Computer Sales; Robert Elliott Purser’s Reference List; Robert Half of New York Inc.; Robert Nawman & Associates; Robert Travers Associates; Robinson Nugent Inc.; Robotics Age Magazine; Robwin Computer Co.; Rochester Data Inc.; Rockwell International; Rodau Business Systems; Rolm Corp.

Folder 6:
ROM Publications; Romelan Industries Inc.; Roms ‘n’ Rams; Rondure Co.; Ronhic; Eric Rosenfeld; Steve Rosenthal; Rosetta Corp.; Roslyn Willet Associates (RWA); Rothenberg Information Systems Inc.; Rotunda Cybernetics; Rove Industries; Royal Business Machines; R.P. Meyer Advertising; RPI; R.R. Bowker Co.; RR Electronics; RSG Electronics; RTG Data Systems; RTTY Journal; RTTY Repeater Group; Rubin Advertising Inc.; Ruder and Finn; William K. Ruehmann; Rule One; B. Ruml; Runic Project Office; Rush Electronics Inc.; RVS Public Relations; R.W. LaRowe Advertising Inc.


Promotional Material; Correspondence; Catalog; Legal document; Article; Newsletter; Technical Paper or Note; Publicity photographs

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Jim C. Warren papers

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Computer Faire: Exhibitors


Gift of Jim Warren

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