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1968-1970; 1975-1981


Includes material from or about the following companies:

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W. Gaffney & Associates; Wabash Tape Corp.; Waco Trading Co. Inc.; Walden Book Company Durham; Walden Public Relations; Larry T. Walker; Wallace Business Forms Inc.; Wallace Electronics; Lee Walther & Co.; Wameco Inc.; Wang Laboratories Inc.; Wangco Inc.; Ward Willats Enterprises; Warner & Swasey; Warr, Foote & Rose Inc.; Warren Electronics

Folder 2
Ted Warren; Wasatch Semiconductor; Watanabe Instruments Corporation of America; Waterbone Environmental Labs; Watermark; Watkins Johnson P.A.; Irene M. Watson; Wave Mate; Waveform Co.; Wayne Green Inc.; W.C.S.; W.D. Adam Co. Inc.; R. V. Weatherford Co.; Weeden & Associates; Welch Allyn Inc.; Welch Communications; Wells Publishing Co.; Wendmore Management Services Ltd; Wescom; Wescorp; Wespro; Westark Computer Systems Inc.; Dick West & Associates Inc.; West Coast Computer Exchange; West Coast Venture Capital; West Pulse Engineering; West State Books; West-Ware Inc.; Westark Computer Systems Inc.; Westco; Westec; Western Computer Dealers Association; Western Computer Systems Inc.; Western Data Systems; Western Digital Corp.

Folder 3
Western Microtechnology; Western Numerical Control; Western Peripherals; Western Solid States; Western Telematic; Western Union Data Services Co.; Westgate; WF Conductive Foam; W.F. Lambert Associates; Which Computer? Ltd.; Whitesmiths Ltd.; Whitney Educational Services; Whitsed Publishing; James A. Whitworth; Wholesale Packaging Supplies; WICAT Inc.; Wichita Valley Computer Club; WIDL Video; Wilco Biomedical Electronics; Wilde Technology Inc.; Wiley-Interscience (a division of John Wiley & Sons Inc.); Wilkins News Inc.; Willa Davis Advertising; William C. Arrasmith & Associates; William Electronics Supply; Jack C. Williams; Williams Radio & Television Inc.; Williams Radio Sales; Williamsville Publish.; Willis Associates; Wilner Associates; Wintek; Winterhalter & Associates Inc.

Folder 4
The Wishing Well; Wizard Engineering; Wizard’s Eye Studio; Wolf Blumberg Krody Inc.; Wolfe Inc.; Woodworth Co.; Word Processing Exchange Inc. (WPE); Wordex; Wordplex Corp.; Wordstream Corp.; Working Programmer; World Dynamics; World of Computers; World Power Systems; Worldcom Inc.; Worldradio News; Worldwide Electronics Inc.; WRC Smith Publishing; Wresco; WW Component Supply; WWW Enterprises; Wyle Distribution Group; Wyoming Computer Co.


Notebooks; Correspondence; Promotional Material

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Jim C. Warren papers

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Computer Faire: Exhibitors


Gift of Jim Warren

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