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Intellectual Property

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Brooks & Kushman; U.S. Government Printing Office


The first of four folders contains material on the subject of Intellectual Property including: 3/1/90 meeting minutes of the Intellectual Property Committee (of ADAPSO); a "Common Views" paper adopted by the International Information Industry Congress (IIIC) from CBEMA; a 1989 House bill, H.R. 469, titled "Intellectual Property Antitrust Protection Act of 1989"; a "Statement on House Bill 1497" (Georgia) by Dr. Delmer Dunn of the University of Georgia; a cable from the U.S. Ambassador in Brussels with 8 questions from the European Community (EC) to the U.S. government on software copyright protection, and particularly decompilation/disassembly (reverse engineering) with the official U.S. response, dated 1-24-90 and titled "Regarding Treatment of Computer Software Under U.S. Copyright Law"; a book/pamphlet titled "Intellectual Property Primer"; a thick publication titled "Hearing before the Government Information, Justice, and Agriculture Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations House of Representatives", dated 5-16-1990; a paper on reverse engineering by a Japanese lawyer presented at the World Computer Law Congress-1991; a publication of the congressional Office of Technology Assessment titled "Computer Software & Intellectual Property Background Paper" dated March 1990.
The remaining 3 folders contain other information about Intelectual Property.


Correspondence; Standards; Newsletter; Press release; Legal document; Article; Memoranda; Book; Conference Proceedings; Technical Paper or Note

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Esther Dyson papers

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Gift of Esther Dyson

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