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Cambridge Research Laboratory technical reports

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Lomet, David; Salzberg, Betty; Herlihy, Maurice


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Cambridge Research Laboratory


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This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:”
Speculative computation in Multilisp
Validated retrieval in case-based reasoning
Consistent timestamping for transactions in distributed systems
Recovery for shared disk systems using multiple redo logs
Acquiring knowledge for validation models
replay mechanism for mostly functional parallel programs
Lazy task creation a technique for increasing the granularity of parallel programs
X Window System version 11
Non-blocking garbage collection for multiprocessors
Analyzing distributed commitment by reasoning about knowledge
Counting networks and multiprocessor coordination extended abstract
Real-time octree generation from rotating objects
Shape from rotation
Reconstructing and visualizing models of neuronal dendrites
Typechecking polymorphism in Emerald
VDI a visual debugging interface for image interpretation and other applications
Providing high availability using lazy replication
Randomized wait-free concurrent objects
MLR : a recovery method for multilevel systems
Concurrency and recovery for index trees
Media recovery with Time-Split B-trees
Methodology for implementing highly concurrent data objects
Linearizable counting networks
Surface modeling with oriented particle systems
Rollback databases
Organization engine virtual data integration
How the Rdb/VMS data sharing system became fast
Time-lapse snapshots
Low contention load balancing on largescale multiprocessors
Transactional memory : architectural support for lockfree data structures
Private lock management
Are DSP chips obsolete
Encapsulating plurality
new presumed commit optimization for two phase commit
Key range locking strategies for improved concurrency
DECface : an automatic lip-synchronization algorithm for synthetic faces
Middleware an architecture for distributed system services
Robust shape recovery from occluding contours using a linear smoother
X through the firewall and other application relays
Counting networks
Contention in shared memory algorithms
Order preserving key compression by Gennady Antoshenkov, David Lomet, and James Murray
PerfVisS : a performance visualizer for high performance Fortran programs on workstation farms by Gudrun J Klinker and I-Yu Chen
hBII-tree : a concurrent and recoverable multi-attribute access method by Georgios Evangelidis, David Lomet, and Betty Salzberg
Scientific data exploration meets telecollaboration by Gudrun J Klinker et al


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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Technical reports: Research laboratory technical notes and reports


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