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Paris Research Laboratory technical reports

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Paris Research Laboratory


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This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
BigNum : a portable and efficient package for arbitraryprecision arithmetic
Introduction to programmable active memories
Compiling pattern matching by term decomposition
WAM : a (real) tutorial
Binary periodic synchronizing sequences
Siphon managing distant replicated repositories
Constructive logics. Part I : A tutorial on proof systems and typed calculi
Constructive logics. Part II : linear logic and proof nets
Pattern matching in order-sorted languages
Towards a meaning of LIFE
Residuation and guarded rules for constraint logic programming
Functions as passive constraints in LIFE
Automatic motion planning for complex articulated bodies
Contribution à la résolution numérique des équations de Laplace et de la chaleur
Inferring graphical constraints with Rockit
Abstract interpretation by dynamic partitioning
Incremental computation of planar maps
feature constraint system for logic programming with entailment by Hassan Ait-Kaci, Andreas Podelski, and Gert Smolka
genericity theorem and the notion of parametricity in the polymorphic lamdbacalculus
Programmable active memories a performance assessment by Patrice Bertin, Didier Roncin, and Jean Vuillemin
On circuits and numbers by Jean Vuillemin
Numerical valuation of high dimensional multivariate European securities by Jerome Barraquand
Database interface for complex objects by Marcel Holsheimer, Rolf A. de By, and Hassan Ait-Kaci
Feature automata and sets of feature trees by Joachim Niehren and Andreas Podelski
Real time fitting of pressure brushstrokes by Thierry Pudet
Rollit an application builder by Solange Karsenty and Chris Weikart
Label-selective calculus by Hassan Ait-Kaci and Jacques Garrigue
Order-sorted feature theory unification by Hassan Ait-Kaci, Andreas Podelski, and Seth Copen Goldstein
Path planning through variational dynamic programming by Jerome Barraquand and Pierre Ferbach
Typed polymorphic label-selective calculus by Jacques Garrigue and Hassan Ait-Kaci


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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Technical reports: Research laboratory technical notes and reports


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