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Western Research Laboratory research reports 86/3-91/2

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This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
Global register allocation at link time
Optimal finned heat sinks
Mahler experience : using an intermediate language as the machine description
packet filter an efficient mechanism for user-level network code
Cache coherence in distributed systems
USENET cookbook an experiment in electronic publication
WRL Prospectus 87-88
Fast printed circuit board routing
Compacting garbage collection with ambiguous roots
Experimental literature of the Internet an annotated bibliography
Scheme->C a portable scheme-to-C compiler
Visa protocols for controlling inter-organizational datagram flow extended description
Optimal group distribution in carry-skip adders
Precise robotic paste dot dispensing
Simple and flexible datagram access controls for Unix-based gateways
Spritely NFS : implementation and performance of cache-consistency protocols
20MIPS sustained 32bit CMOS microprocessor with high ratio of sustained to peak performance
Noise issues in the ECL circuit family
Efficient generation of test patterns using Boolean satisfiability
Two papers on test pattern generation
Virtual memory vs. the file system
Efficient use of workstations for passive monitoring of local area networks
One-dimensional thermal model for the VAX 9000 multi chip units
1990 DECWRL/Livermore Magic release
Pool boiling enhancement techniques for water at low pressure
Writing fast X servers for dumb color frame buffers
Simulation-based study of TLB performance




Bartlett, Joel F.; Mogul, Jeffrey C.; Tang, Jeffrey Y. F.


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Western Research Laboratory


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Technical reports: Research laboratory technical notes and reports


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