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Carsten, Jack oral history

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In this oral history, Jack describes the details of his long career in semiconductors at Texas Instruments (TI) and Intel, and later moving into venture. He grew up in the Midwest, received a BS in Physics at Duke University and then moved to Dallas to work for TI. He worked on a variety of projects, both military and commercial, and became general manager of the TTL division in Houston from 1969-1973. He subsequently took over as GM of the MOS division in Houston.

From there, Jack was recruited to go to Intel in 1975. While there he played a significant management role as GM of the microprocessor business and later the memory business. While running memory, Carsten had to oversee the exit from the memory business and the layoff of about 4000 employees.

Carsten found his time at Intel to be both challenging and rewarding. During the period 1976 to 1983, the overall business grew from $300M to about $1.5B. He speaks highly of the leadership offered by Noyce, Moore and Grove, although he notes that Grove had his blind spots and drove off many key executives.

Upon leaving Intel in 1987, Carsten went to US Venture Partners as a General Partner until 1990. He then founded his own investment firm, Technology Investments. In 1998, Carsten founded Horizon Ventures, where he remains as GP to this day and currently manages eight companies. He also continues to make angel investments from Technology Investments.




Carsten, Jack, Interviewee
Dennis, Eric, Videographer
Katz, Jeff, Interviewer


Computer History Museum

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Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI); Intel; transistor-transistor logic (TTL); ASIC; YF-12A; Kilby, Jack; Grove, Andy; Noyce, Robert; Moore, Gordon; semiconductor history

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