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CHM Presents : The Father of Digital Logic

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Assocation for Computing Machinery, Inc., sponsor
Drain, Kieran, speaker, sponsor
Hanson, Vicki, speaker
Hollar, John C., moderator
Murphy, Michael, speaker
Teehan, Virginia, speaker
van Sinderen-Law, Jean, speaker


Computer History Museum





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"He was a brilliant thinker, the possessor of a truly original mind. His story is our story: the creation of one of the great intellectual pillars that support our modern world. It is the story of a remarkable man, beautifully told."

- Ian Stewart, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, University of Warwick, England, and popular-science and science-fiction writer

George Boole was an English mathematician, philosopher, and logician. He specialized in differential equations and algebraic logic, and is now best known as the author of The Laws of Thought.

The huge impact of George Boole on technology today is explored in this stunning new film commissioned by University College Cork, where Boole was its first professor of mathematics. Narrated by Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons and produced by multi award-winning Oxford Film and Television, The Genius of George Boole assembles industry leaders and academics from across the globe to explore the life and impact of one of the world’s greatest unsung heroes. This 58-minute film shines new light on the life, work, and legacy of George Boole.

Join Museum CEO John Hollar as he moderates an engaging conversation, about the life and legacy of George Boole with three distinguished guests: Dr. Michael Murphy, President, University College Cork, Ireland; Ms. Virginia Teehan, Director of Cultural Projects, University College Cork & Commissioning Editor: The Genius of George Boole; and Dr. Kieran Drain, CEO of Tyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland.

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CHM Presents


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