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Thinking Big with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki & Computer Pioneer Ada Lovelace

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Hollar, John C., Moderator
Wojcicki, Susan, Speaker


Computer History Museum

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Mountain View, CA






Join us for an exclusive evening with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki in honor of the Museum’s newest exhibit Thinking Big: Ada, Countess of Lovelace. As we celebrate the bicentennial birthday of English mathematician Ada Lovelace, we not only recognize her numerical prowess, but her imagination and inquisitiveness—her willingness to “think big.”

In the spirit of Ada Lovelace and “thinking big,” Wojcicki will join Museum CEO John Hollar in a one on one conversation about her career, the role of women in technology today, the importance of encouraging young girls to pursue STEM-related careers, the future of computing, and her own thoughts about what it means to “think big.”

While Lovelace is perhaps best known for her close partnership with Charles Babbage and her significant 1843 paper “Sketch of the Analytical Engine Invented by Charles Babbage,” she was also a woman of fierce originality and intellectual interests. Her ideas about computers went beyond those of Babbage, who saw computers only as number manipulators. Instead, Lovelace envisioned the creative possibilities of computers—the very issues we grapple with today.

Susan Wojcicki, Google employee number 16 and the only woman CEO under the Alphabet umbrella, is the head of YouTube—the world’s most popular digital video platform used by a billion people across the globe to access information, share video, and shape culture. An early champion of online video, Wojcicki was instrumental in Google’s 2006 acquisition of YouTube. She now oversees YouTube’s content and business operations, engineering, and product development. Wojcicki has also been a major advocate for women in technology.


Computer History Museum

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