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Nemenman, Mark oral history

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Mark Nemenman was born in Minsk in the Soviet Union in 1936, to a Jewish family. Nemenman graduated with a degree in mathematics in 1958 from the Belarusian State University, with a diploma received for a thesis on programming a computer to solve an algebra problem. Nemenman stayed on at the university to teach, and a number of his students wound up at the Penza computer factory in Moscow. Nemenman himself joined the computer factory in Minsk in 1961, which was producing the M-3, as a senior engineer in the scientific department of machine mathematics, under Gennady Konstantinovich Stolyarov. His first project was to outline a book on programming the Minsk-1, soon after getting to work on the Minsk-2. Nemenman later helped develop the programming language “Autocode Engineer” with his former student Tsagelsky Vladimir Iosiphovich, for Minsk-2 and Minsk-22 machines. Nemenman became chief of the department developing the Minsk-32 in 1967. Nemenman received the Lenin Komsomol Prize in 1970 for his work on the Minsk series. Nemenman defended his dissertation in 1975 at the Tallinn Institute of Cybernetics in Estonia, advised by Ershov in Novosibirsk. Nemenman disagreed with the decision to make the ES series (Ryad) of IBM 370 clones, and instead worked on applications through CICS for a real IBM 370 in the computer center until 1981, after which he worked on the ES 1840, a clone of the IBM PC. Nemanmen moved to the United States with his family in 1994.




Bochannek, Alex, Interviewer
Hsu, Hansen, Interviewer
Nemenman, Mark, Interviewee
Temkin, Vadim, Translator


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