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Includes material from or about the following companies:

Folder 1:
F. Robert Mayer; Fabri-Tek; Facit Data Products; Fair Comp Consulting; Fairchild Semiconductors; Falco Data Products Inc.; Falcon Cabinets; Falcon Publishing; Falcon Research and Development; Farmer; Faze Maze; Fedder Data Centers; Fell & Co.; Ferguson Advertising; Fermilad; Ferno-Washington; Fickled Thinking Aids; Fidelity Products Co.; Financial Computer Co.; Financial Computer Store; Find/SVP; Findex Inc.; The Firmware House; First Alabama; First Canadian Computer Store; First City Office Interiors; First Computer Corp.; First Data Corp.; First System; Fischer-Frietas Co.; Lewis Fite (bookstore); Fitness Motivation Institute of America; FLW Inc.

Folder 2:
Fletcher & Associates; Fletcher Data Systems; Fletcher-Walker-Gessell; Floating Point Systems; Flood & Associates; John Fluke Manufacturing Co.; FMG Corp. / Applied Data Corp.; FMJ Inc.; F.O. Hawkins; Focus Scientific Corp.; Fong Engineering; Ford Industries; Ford Motor Co.; Forethought Products Formetrics; Forte Technology Inc.; Forth Inc.; Forth Interest Group; Fortronic Corp. / Fortin Electronics Corp.; Wesley Foster (Prentice-Hall local representative); Foundation for Computer Intelligence; Foundation for Quality Education Inc.; Fourth (IV) Dimension Inc; Fourth (4th) Generation Technical Services Inc.; Fox Associates Inc.; Foxboro Co.; Foxfire Promotions; Franklin Book Co.; Frawley Banks; Frazer & Associates; Fred G. Labankoff Enterprises; Fred L. Collins Associates; Fred Pryor Seminars; Freelance Computer Program; Freeman & Co.; Freeman Associates; John French; Friends of the Turtle; Friends Software; Frisch Computer Systems; Froeschner & Associates; Frontier Computing Inc.; Frost Controls Inc.; FSI Distributors; Fujitsu Ltd.; Future Byte; Future Computing; Future Report; Future World; Future Data Co.

The records relating to Fairchild Semiconductor include a list of distributors, sales representatives, and sales offices from June 1976. Also includes a 1976 report on the two-year old Hobby/Personal computer market.


Promotional Material; Correspondence; Catalog; Legal document

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Jim C. Warren papers

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Computer Faire: Exhibitors


Gift of Jim Warren

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