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Includes material from or about the following companies:

Folder 1:
G and G Engineering; G& R MicroServices; G. K. Monroe’s; G L P Electronics; Gadson News; Gagne Associates; Galaxy Information Systems; Galaxy; Galena Computercraft; Gallion Data Systems Shop; Galusha & Associates; Galusha Corp.; Game Reserve; Louise Garcia (representative for Midwest Personal Computing Exposition); Garland Publishing; Garry Manufacturing Co.; Gassner and Clark Co.; Games Acoustinet Inc.; GAW Computers; GBC Closed-Circuit TV; Gebelli Software; Allen Gelder & Co. Microcomputer Software; General Associates Inc.; General Automation Inc.; General Binding Corp. (GBC); General Bull News Sheet; General Business Systems; General Computer; General Computer Co.; General Computer Store; General Computer Systems; General Computer Technology Inc.; General DataComm Industries Inc.; General Dynamics, Electronics Division; General Eclectics; General Electric Co. (GE); General Electronics Systems Inc.

Folder 2:
General Instrument Corp., Microelectronics Division; General Motors; General Robotics Corp.; General Terminal Corp. (GTC); Genesis One Computer; GenRad/Futuredata; George P. Clark Advertising Inc.; George Stone Associates; Georgetown Computer Emporium; GF Components; GFN Industries; David H. Gibson Co; Joe Gilbert; Gillaspie and Associates; Giltronix; Giltspur Exposervices; GIMIX; Girard Associates Inc.; Giuli Processing; Given Corp.; Gladstone Electronic Supply Co.; Glaser Data Co.; J. F. Glaser Inc.; Globe Printing Co.; GML Information Services; Gnat Computers; Gnomon Associates; Gnostic Concepts; GNT Automation Inc.

Folder 3:
Go Forth>>; Godbout Electronics; Golden Gate Word Processing Xchange; Golden State Data Products; Golemics Inc.; C.B. Goodman & Co.; Gordian Knot Inc.; Gordon Engineering Corp.; Gordon’s Books; Gould Corp.; Gould Inc.; G.P. Systems; GPA Electronics; Graham Dorian Software Systems Inc.; Graham Electronics; Graham Magnetics; Gramer & Co.; Granger Associates; Graphics Arts Services; Graphics Development Laboratory; The Graphics Gathering; Graphion; Grass Valley Computer Systems; The Grass Valley Group Inc.; Grass Valley Instruments; Gray & Rogers; Grayhill Inc.; Greg Associates; Gremlin Industries Inc.; GRI Computer Corp.; Grice Electronics Inc.; Grinnell Systems; Groundstar Enterprises; Group Two; Group III Electronics; Grove Enterprises; Grover & Associates; GRT Book Printing; GRT Corp.; GRW Systems Inc.; GTCO; G.U.C. Products; Guild News Agency; Gulton Industries Inc.; Gutmann Inc.; GW Associates.




Promotional Material; Correspondence; Catalog; Legal document; Article

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Jim C. Warren papers

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Computer Faire: Exhibitors


Gift of Jim Warren

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