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Includes material from or about the following companies:

Folder 1:
H & E Computronics; Inc.; H & H Trading; H One Computer Sales; H&S Sales; Hal Communications Corp.; Halcyon Inc; Halpern Inc.; Halted Electronics; Haltek; Ham Radio Horizons / Ham Radio Magazine / Ham Radio Report; Ham Shack; Hamilton/Avnet Electronics; Hammond Manufacturing; The Hans W. Wynholds Company; Hand & Associates; The Hands On Experience; Hapenny Associates; Harding Way News; Hardware Computer; Harris & Harris; Harris Computer Systems; Harris Corp.; Harris Labs; Harris Semiconductor.

Folder 2:
Harrison & Hearn; Harshe-Rotman & Druck Inc.; Hartnell College; Hayden Book Co.; A. W. Haydon Co. Products; D. C. Hayes Associates Inc.; Robert Hayes; Hayes Technical; Hazeltine; HCC; HCS Corp.; HDS (Human Designed Systems Inc.); Headlands Management; Harrison & Hearn; Heath Co.; Heathkit Electronics Center; Gene Hector; Hefinder Realty; Hefte Industries Inc.; Helion Inc.; Hellman Associates; Hemenway Associates Inc.; Bill Hendorff; J. H. Hendrickson; Paul Henne’s Stereo Center; Herbach & Rademan Inc.; Martha Herman; Heuristic Systems; Heuristics Inc.

Folders 3-4:

Folder 5:
Hex Systems; Heyden & Son Inc.; HG Asmus & Associates; Hi-Fi Shop; Hi-Tek Corp.; High Technology; The Highsmith Co.; Hilbert Systems; Hill Associates; Hindsight Electronics Co.; Hisco; Hitachi; Hobbs Associates; Hobby Data; Hobby Robotics Co.; Hobby-Tronix; Hobbytronic Distributors; Hoboken Computer Works; Bernard Hodes Advertising; Hollander Office Products; Jim Holseth; Home Computer Center; Home Computer Co.; Home Computer Shop; Home Computer Store; Home Equipment Emporium; Home E. Shaw Inc.; Honex Corp.; Honeyman & Associates; Honeywell; Horizons Technology Inc.; Horsetrader Inc.; Houston Computer Mart.

Folder 6:
Houston Instrument; House Micro Computer; Howard Labs; Howard Industries; Howard W. Sams & Co.; HR Electronics; Hudson Industries Corp.; Hudson USA; Hufco; Hughes Conographic; HUH Electronics; Hunter Lab; Huntington Computing; Hyatt Tool Co.; Hycom Inc.; Hydro Research Science.

Hewlett-Packard has a large quanity of material in this record, including material on early calculator products and Hewlett-Packard Journals from Sept. 1968, Oct. 1970, and May 1973 (with an article only on HP-80).


Promotional Material; Correspondence; Catalog; Legal document; Article; Newsletter; Technical Paper or Note

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Jim C. Warren papers

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Computer Faire: Exhibitors


Gift of Jim Warren

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