Artifact Details


Watson server blade

Catalog Number



Physical object


June 18, 2010


IBM Corporation

Place Manufactured

Rochester, MN, U.S.

Identifying Numbers

Model number E8B
Other number 8233 Machine type on a label on the top.
Other number L35931 EC number on a label on the right side.
Part number 44V4793
Serial number 101A54P


overall: 6 3/4 in x 19 1/8 in x 29 3/4 in


Digital computer/supercomputer

Curator Notes

This IBM Power 750 server blade is one of 90 that comprised the first version of Watson, IBM’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence system, which, in 2011, handily dominated two of the all-time best Jeopardy! television program players, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. The system analyzed the content of the trivia game show’s natural language clues more accurately and quickly than its flesh and blood competitors with an open-domain question-answering (QA) system – Watson’s “brain.” The QA system had been input by IBM engineers with a wide swath of facts and information amounting to several terabytes of content, resulting in the ultimate Jeopardy! player. The inside of the server blade is signed by the team that worked on the project.


Gift of IBM

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