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Saxby, Sir Robin oral history

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Dennis, Eric, Videographer
Elliot, Dane, Interviewer
Fairbairn, Doug, Interviewer
Saxby, Sir Robin, Interviewee

Computer History Museum

Mountain View, California

44 p.


This oral history tracks Robin Saxby’s life and accomplishments from his birth in Central England to becoming the CEO of ARM, where he helped guide the ARM microprocessor to worldwide dominance in embedded applications. He found himself interested in electrical gadgets from his early days. Robin found Physics, Chemistry and Math most interesting in grammar school before studying electronic engineering at the University of Liverpool.

He worked for a couple of English companies in color television design before joining Motorola as a sales engineer, where he got involved in customer designs using microprocessors. After an intermediate stop, he worked his way into becoming the CEO of European Silicon Structures (ES2), a company focused on direct-write e-beam for integrated circuits. From there he was hired to take over as CEO of the new company, ARM, being spun out of Acorn Computers in 1991.

Robin helped develop the strategy and guided this company to worldwide leadership in embedded processors, dominating such markets as the cell phones and portable electronic devices. He stepped down from the CEO position in 2001 and the Chairmanship in 2006. He remains a visiting professor at the University of Liverpool and is involved in funding and guiding growing companies such as Sontia and IdeaWorks.




semiconductor history; Liverpool; IdeaWorks; Sontia; ARM; Acorn Computers; Tesler, Larry; European Silicon Structures; ES2; VLSI Technology; Apple; Newton; Hobbit; Henderson

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Oral history collection

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