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Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) workshop : Oracle

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Blasgen, Michael W., Participant
Capek, Peter G., Historian
Codd, Sharon, Participant
Date, Chris J., Participant
Grad, Burt, Moderator
Haigh, Thomas, Historian
Held, Jerry, Participant
Humphries, Mike, Participant
Jacobs, Ken, Participant
LaHay, Edward, Editor
Lindsay, Bruce, Participant
Phillips, Jan, Software Industry SIG Member

Computer History Museum

Mountain View, California

39 p.


The representatives from Oracle and from IBM covered the whole range of Oracle history from its founding in 1977 through the 1990s and even some discussion of Oracle as of the date of the meeting. They emphasized how much the company was driven by the vision and style of Larry Ellison from both a marketing and sales and from a technology viewpoint. Oracle adopted SQL to be IBM compatible, but intended to be all things to all people by porting to every viable platform. The various versions of Oracle are traced along with each of their technical advances. Product quality problems were discussed along with how they were solved. The incredible growth of the company (and the relational database industry) was analyzed. The financial crisis in 1991 was covered with comments on the causation and on what was done to save the company. And the session closed with a discussion on Oracle’s competitors and why Oracle has been such a successful company.




ANSI standards; Codasyl database committee; Codd, Ted; Ellison, Larry; Henley, Jeff; IBM DB2; IBM SQL/DS; Informix; Ingres Corporation; Kabcenell, Derry; Lane, Ray; Microsoft; Miner, Bob; Oates, Ed; PeopleSoft; Relational Systems, Inc.; SAP; Siebel Systems; SQL; Sybase; Walker, Jeff

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Oral history collection


Software Industry Special Interest Group

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