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Marcus, Mike oral history

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2013-08-05; 2013-05-14


Grad, Burt, Interviewer
Marcus, Mike, Interviewee


Computer History Museum

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Mountain View, California


84 p.




Michael (Mike) Marcus, a long-time consultant in the computer software and system integration field, worked for many companies and set up a number of companies on his own. Mike describes his personal background and reviews the companies he worked for (Sperry Gyroscope, CUC, Unisys, SPL World Group and others) as well as the companies that he started (Realtime Programming, PictureWare, Systems Integration Corp. and others). He also served as a consultant to many other companies including Mergenthaler Linotype (automating newspaper publishing), Oracle (contract negotiation and renegotiation) and Sterling Software (due diligence on acquisitions). The range of his projects from order matching for brokerage companies to gas pump reprogramming to a wide variety of due diligence projects as well as project management gave Mike an unusually broad perspective on the computer software industry. His guidelines on contract negotiation, both domestic and international, provide valuable insights not only on business and legal issues, but more importantly on the need to establish personal relationships with the other side in a negotiation, He focuses on how to try to achieve win-win results or at least situations where both parties can live with the outcome since these are often cases where both parties have to continue to work together.




AGS; AGS Informatoin Systems; ADP; Air Traffic Control System; Brandes, Julian; Contract Negotiation; CUC (Computer Usage Company); Gordon, Peggy; IBM Timesharing System; Keane, Inc; Levin-Townsend; Loeb Rhodes; Mellor, Chris; Mergenthaler Linotype; Model Ship Building; NYNEX; Oracle; Pattin, Alejandrina; PictureWare; Quint, Peter; Realtime Programming Corp.; Realtime Systems; Sperry Gyroscope; SPL World Group; Stepanski, Tony; System Integration; Thatcher, Richard (Dick); Trimble, George; UNISYS Corporation

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Oral history collection

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