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Miller, Avram oral history

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This oral history is intended to focus on Avram Miller, his contributions and insights into what became Intel Capital.

Avram was at Intel from 1984 through 1999. He joined Intel as a "Strategic Hire" working for Les Vadasz who was managing Intel's Corporate Strategic Staff that included CAD, Planning and the Intel Development Organization responsible for the creation of new business opportunities. Prior to Intel, Avram was a Merchant Seaman, worked in the Medical Informatics field, worked for Digital Equipment Corporation in its prime and was the CEO of Franklin Computer, an early direct competitor of Apple.

Joining Intel in 1984, Avram supplied much of the computer systems direction that provided growth in retail and enterprise computing. He helped Intel develop and, in some cases, divest themselves of technology and product lines that fueled growth in the late 80s. He was extremely interested in facilitating communications development and largely responsible for pushing both internal Ethernet technology and the broadband cable modem at Intel.

When Intel began to pull their investment efforts under a common structure, Avram continued his business development efforts in what became Corporate Business Development or CBD and later Intel Capital. He moved the corporation from early strategic investments and some technology licensing to minority investments that focused initially on developing markets important to Intel. This was extended this into equity investing that delivered further value in enterprise computing and developed the consumer market.

When Avram departed Intel in 1999, Intel Capital was the largest and most successful venture investor in existence. He credits Les Vadasz as the senior partner in Intel Capital but Avram made a tremendous contribution to making Intel Capital into the success it is today.




Dennis, Eric, Media Producer
Elliot, Dane, Interviewer
Miller, Avram, Interviewee


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semiconductor history; Corporate Business Development (CBD); Intel Capital; Intel Corporate Strategic Staff; Broadband

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