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NEO-GEO controller

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SNK Corporation

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Model number NEO-AEC


overall: 3 1/2 in x 11 in x 7 1/2 in



Curator Notes

The Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment System (AES) was a video game console released in 1990 by Japanese game manufacturer SNK Playmore. SNK claimed the system was 24-bit, but in reality it was a 16-bit console with an additional 8-bit co-processor that functioned as a second CPU and assisted in audio processing. Its main competitors were the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo, both of which enjoyed greater success in the video game console market. The AES’s slow sales were partly due to its high $650 price tag in the US, but it did find a niche market in the high-end gaming sector and had several popular titles within its video game library. The AES was based directly on SNK’s Multi Video System built for arcades, so arcade quality games could be directly ported to it with no loss of fidelity for gamers at home.


Gift of Mark Lambert and Family

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