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TI Advanced Scientific Computer Blurb

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Still image


ca. 1980


The Computer Museum


Image of an Exhibit Label from the Digital Computer Museum.

Text reads -
Texas Instruments Advanced Scientific Computer 3 c. 1970

Word Length: 32 bits

Memory size: Memory Control Unit (MCU) provides facilities for controlling access from eight processor ports to a central memory having a 24-bit address space (16 million words).

Data transfer rate: 50 million words per second per port; total transfer capacity 400M words per second.

Clock rate: 12MHz

Central Processor: Provides both scalar (single operand) and vector (array) instructions at the machine level. 48 programmable registers consisting of 16 base registers, 15 arithmetic registers, 8 index registers, 8 vector parameter registers.

Instruction format: Multiple pipelined instruction processing units. Instruction size, 32 bits, with 16-, 32-, or 64-bit operands.

Technology: Pipeline architecture

Power consumption: 500 KW

Size: 4000 square foot floor area (incl. mainframe, disks, operating system, etc.)

Number produced: 7

Price: 8M - 15M

Project start: March 1966

Project leader: Harvey Cragon

First delivery: 1971

Software: FORTRAN compiler ((NX and FX)

Use: Large scale scientific and technical problems