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ULTRIX, VAX, DECnet, and other manuals

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)


This box contains the following manuals:
ULTRIX worksystem software guide to porting Xlib applications: X Version 10 to X Version 11
ULTRIX worksystem software guide to writing applications using XUI toolkit widgets
ULTRIX worksystem software XUI programming overview
ULTRIX guide to kerberos
VAX/VMS SUMSLP utility reference manual
VAX DIGITAL standard runoff (DSR) reference manual
VAX ACMS guide to systems interface programming
VAX ACMS guide to transaction processing programming
VAX ACMS transaction processing ADU reference manual
VAX ACMS transaction processing quick reference guide
VAX ACMS guide to creating transaction processing applications
VAX System V STREAMS programmer's guide
VAX System V STREAMS primer
VAX System V TCP/IP user's guide
VAX System V TCP/IP reference manual
VAX ACMS developing applications with VAX ACMS and DECforms
ULTRIX-32 technical summary
DECrpc guide to the Location Broker
ULTRIX-32 guide to ethernet communication servers
ULTRIX-32 guide to the yellow pages service
ULTRIX worksystem software reference pages
ULTRIX worksystem software guide to the dxdiff visual differences program
ULTRIX-32 guide to the error logger system
ULTRIX worksystem software guide to the dxdb debugger
ULTRIX worksystem software guide to the X toolkit widgets: C language binding
ULTRIX worksystem software advanced installation guide
ULTRIX-32 advanced installation guide
ULTRIX-32 reader's guide and master index
VAX OSI transport service installation guide
PCSA network troubleshooting guide
DECmail11 installation and system manger's guide for RSX
VAX System V network programmer's guide
Using list processing
DECpage installation guide
DECpage quick lookup
DECnet/OSI for ULTRIX DECnet-ULTRIX programming
DECnet PCSA client for DOS release notes version 3.0
VAX language-sensitive editor installation guide
VAX TEAMDATA installation guide
DECmcc director and basic management system installation
DECview3D integration guide
DECview3D quick reference guide
DECview3D integration guide
ULTRIX-32 POSIX conformance document
DECalc user's guide



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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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