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PDP-8, LAB-8, and other manuals

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This box contains the following manuals:
PDP-8/A miniprocessor users manual (1975)
PDP-8/A miniprocessor users manual (1976)
PDP-8 DM01 data multiplexer maintenance manual
PDP-8 DP01A data communication channel maintenance manual
PDP-8 DB08A interprocessor buffer maintenance manual
PDP-8 TC08 DECtape controller maintenance manual
PDP-8 TC01 DECtape control unit
PDP-8 KV graphic display system maintenance manual
PDP-8/I CR8/I card reader system user's guide
PDP-8/L maintenance manual volume I
PDP-8/L maintenance manual volume II
PDP-8/L DC02 multiple data control maintenance manual
GLC-8 gas-liquid chromatography maintenance manual
FPP8-A user's manual
FPP8-A maintenance manual
PDP-8 family configuration guide
DECstation technical manual
DECstation user's guide
LAB-8/E maintenance manual
LAB-8/E user's handbook
LAB-8 time interval histogram user's manual
LAB-8 advanced averager user's manual
LAB-8 basic averager user's manual
KT8/I timesharing option functional description
KP8/I power failure option functional description
KP8/L power failure option functional description
KB8/I general input/output interface option description
MP8/L memory parity option functional description
MC8/L memory extension control option functional description
PP8/I high-speed paper-tape punch option functional description
PP8/L high-speed paper tape punch
PR8/L high-speed perforated-tape reader and control option
KA8/I positive I/O bus option functional description
KE8/I extended arithmetic element
MC8/LA and MC8/LB installation instructions for memory extension options
BA08 peripheral expander option installation instructions
TR02 incremental tape transport and control system description
RK8 disk system maintenance manual
TSS/8 time-sharing system user's guide
OS/8 system generation notes
OS/8 error messages
OS/8 TECO reference manual




Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)



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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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