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PDP-8, OS/8, and other manuals and workbooks

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1962-1980; 1985


Peckham, Herbert Dean; Ellis, Wade, Jr.; Lodi, Ed


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)


This box contains the following manuals:
PDP-8 users handbook (1964)
PDP-8 users handbook (1965)
PDP-8 users handbook (1966)
PDP-8/A operator's handbook (1975)
PDP-8/A operator's handbook (1976)
PDP-8/E PDP-8/F and PDP-8/M maintenance manual volume 1
PDP-8/E PDP-8/F and PDP-8/M maintenance manual volume 3
PDP-8 family LP08 line printer interface manual
AD01-A analog-to-digital converter subsystem maintenance manual
MS8-C/MS8-D MOS memory technical manual
PDP-8/I Disk Monitor System programmer's reference manual
PDP-8/I FORTRAN 8K programmer's reference manual
OS/8 language reference manual
OS/8 industrial BASIC
LINC-8 programming manual
LINC-8 adjustment procedure
RTS-8 user's manual
KMS11-A/B communications processor option description
PCL11 communications systems general introduction and configuration guide
PCL11-B parallel communication link differential TDM bus
RSX-11M PCL support manual
TU55 DECtape transport instruction manual
AD08-A analog-digital converter instruction manual
IBM 360 interface manual instruction manual
BASIC programming course workbook
Buffer system type 2306 operating instruction manual
Light pen 370
Programmable pulse generator type 2110 instruction manual
Type 34 oscilloscope display
Precision CRT display type 30A
Precision CRT display type 30C
Digital symbol generator 33
Automatic card punch control unit type 40
ASR33 Teletype preventive maintenance and troubleshooting guide
Laboratory and education modules
Analog-digital conversion handbook
Hands-on BASIC for the DEC professional


Manual; Educational Materials

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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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