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Educational material on hardware/software products and other manuals

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)


This box contains the following manuals indexed by folder number:
1) LP20 line printer system manual
2) KLINIK user's guide for KL10-based systems
2) DECsystem-10 KL-based physical description
3) MG10 maintenance manual (undated, incomplete) with loose documents related to memory systems
4) MH10 maintenance manual
5) LP100 line printer system found with loose diagrams of various types and comparison table of printer models
5) KDA50-Q user guide-with loose technical documentation change notice addendum
5) DECtalk programming manual (preliminary)
6-7) KDM70 controller service manual
8) DECnet-20 version 3 incomplete training manual
9) DELQA user's guide
9) DHU11 interface user's guide
10) Selected Ethernet concepts-internal educational material
10) Distributed processing and networks
10) An alternate technology: A fresh perspective on distributed data processing
11) WildFire system programmer's manual-revision 0.9.1
12) Correspondent programmer reference manual
12) Installing and using the Correspondent
12) Correspondent operator reference guide
12) Correspondent reference card
13) DECchip 21066 and DECchip 21068 Alpha AXP microprocessors hardware reference manual-preliminary
14) RH01/RJH01/RWH01 massbus dual port adapter option description
14) DEUNA user's guide
15) Word processing system communications options user's manual
15) The Ethernet a local area network data link layer and physical layer specifications
16) DECchip 21040 Ethernet LAN controller for PCI hardware reference manual
17) PCS-10/20 project control system reference manual
17) PCS-10/20 installation guide
18) COGO-10/20 user's manual
18) COGO-10/20 installation guide
19) VAX/VMS guide to writing a device driver
20) FMS-11/RSX software reference manual


Manual; Educational Materials; Design Drawing; Specifications

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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Engineers' papers: Tim Litt collection: Manuals


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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