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PDP-11, networking, and other manuals

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1968; 1974-1992


Lucas, John A.


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)


This box contains the following manuals:
Designing applications for the professional 300 series: a developer's guide
Introduction to local area networks
Digitals wide area networking solutions
Introduction to programming PDP-8 family computers
VAXBI options handbook
Open VMS operating system handbook
Technical summary of Digital's VAXstation family
DECconnect communications system handbook the integrated communications solution
NAS handbook: developing applications in a multivendor environment
Guide to information systems a framework for success
Digital's networks: an architecture with a future
Networking the competitive edge
Networking solutions guidebook a planning tool for enterprise-wide and multivendor communications
Digital industrial networks guidebook
DECnet/OSI transition planning for open networking
Workstation family technical summary
PrintServer family fast powerful network printers
Security for VMS systems
PDP-8 pocket reference
PDP-8 pocket reference
PDP-11 programming card
PDP-11 programming card
RL disk subsystem maintenance handbook
RL01/02 pocket service guide (1979)
RL01/02 pocket service guide (1980)
RP01 pocket service guide
LA120 pocket service guide
PDT-11/150 mini maintenance hardware guide
VT100 mini maintenance hardware guide
VT18X release notes
VAX-11 programming card
XXDP+ DEC/X11 programming card
RSX-11M pocket reference
RSX-11M mini-reference
RSTS/E pocket guide
RSTS/E pocket guide
RT-11 system reference card
PDP-11 DECdisk subsystem register quick reference card
PDP-11 DECdisk subsystem register quick reference card
DECsystem-10 and DECSYSTEM-20 KL system reference card
GAMMA-11 command summary card
GAMMA-11 command summary card
MINC summary
MINC summary
DECnet-RSX network manager's pocket guide
DECdirect reference card
Digital's electronic store reference card
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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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