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DEC-10, DEC peripheral, Systems Concepts, and other manuals

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Gorlen, Keith E.; Ricart, Glenn; Turner, Rollins


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC); National Institute of Health, Division of Computer Research and Technology, Computer Center Branch; Systems Concepts; International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)


This box contains the following manuals indexed by folder number:
1) KS10-based DECSYSTEM-2020 technical manual
2) PDP-10 interface manual
2) PDP-10 DF10 data channel maintenance manual
2) MX10 memory data multiplexor maintenance manual
3) DC10 data line scanner instruction manual
3) DECsystem10 RH10 Massbus controller maintenance manual
3) DECsystem10 DF10-C data channel maintenance manual
3) photocopy of unknown manual fragment (pages 3-30 to 3-55) describing the KS10 UNIBUS adapter
4) Science library and FORTRAN utility subprograms
4) PCL20 parallel communications link user's guide
5) DM11 asynchronous 16-line single-speed multiplexer user's manual
5) DN11 automatic calling unit interface manual
5) KMC11 programmer's manual
5) DMR11 synchronous controller manual
6) DMC11 IPL microprocessor user guide
6) DMC11 IPL synchronous line unit maintenance manual
7) TM02 tape drive system option description
8) TU77 magnetic tape transport technical manual volume 2
8) TU78 magnetic tape transport user's guide
9) RP06 disk device functional specification document
10) RM03 disk drive technical manual
11) VT101 video terminal user guide
12) VT102 video terminal user guide
13) VT131 video terminal user guide
14) TOPS-20 DECnet-20 programmer's guide and operations manual
15) VAX/VMS I/O user's guide
16) CLINK version 2.2 reference manual
16) SPERAN-10 user's manual
16) A SIMULA model of TOPS-10
16) Storage system diagnostics and utility protocol: a part of UDA50 programmer's doc. kit
17) CHIPKIT users manual
18) Theory of operation Systems Concepts Power Sequencer
18) Systems Concepts SA-10 user's manual serial number 107 and above
18) Systems Concepts SA-10 user's manual serial number 107 and above
18) Notes on SA-10 installation
18) Engineering drawings SA-10 subsystem adaptor
18) Systems Concepts engineering drawing conventions
18) IBM System/360 and System/370 I/O Interface Channel to Control Unit original equipment manufacturers' information
18) untitled timing diagrams


Manual; Technical Paper or Note; Design Drawing

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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Engineers' papers: Tim Litt collection: Manuals


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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