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Technical reports 132-139

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This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
Viewdata and training: what, where and how much?
Implications of window management for computer-based information
Personal computer as an appliance Problem I: integrating training and documentation
Role of graphics in computer assisted learning
Basic concepts in knowledge-based systems
Design of a rule-based CAI tutorial
Logic and recursion: the PROLOG twist
New bird on the branch: artificial intelligence and computer-based instruction
Integrating computer graphics and the videodisc new instructional techniques possible with IVIS
Using simulations to evaluate skills and competencies
CBI pilot evaluations: a prototype study
Evaluating technical competencies: designing assessment items using a computer/videodisc training system
User preference re: CBI menu choice mechanisms
Corporate experience in evaluating interactive video information system courses
Effect of integrated CBI practice on task performance and attitude
Interactive troubleshooting simulator using simple natural language
Interactive videodiscs: database-driven courseware
Audience analysis for course development
VAX application survey
Architecture for local area network servers
Software that grows with the user: user descriptive document
Design guidelines for user/software interfaces
Online help experiment
Architecture of an adaptive user/software interface




Magers, Celeste


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Educational Services; Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Corporate Research Group; Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Small Systems Software


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