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Technical reports 360-382

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC); Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Corporate Research Group; Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Industrial Liaison Program


This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
Disk drive cost
VAX 11/785 product quality study
Implementation of VAX VTX in a Digital facility: procedures and guidelines
Of mice and subjects: mouse syntax for graphics editing
How the competition uses Far East resources
Engineering support required to achieve Far East cost savings
Sourcing opportunities in the Far East
Direct dealing with foreign based vendors: a paper submitted to the Forum 85 conference on international opportunities
Retrieving files stored on a computer: nine months later
Commercialization of educational software issues on development, marketing, and distribution
Creating an empirically based windowing benchmark task
A programmable interface language for heterogeneous distributed systems
Trellis object-based environment language reference manual
Trellis object-based environment language tutorial
The iterative design of a new text editor
Initial usability of the VAXstation I windowing interface
Rainbow in the office: a DIS implementation guide
Overview of corporate research at Digital Equipment Corporation, 1969 - June 1984
DSTAR guide to VAXclusters
An implementation of RSA public key encryption
Menu study
A modeling philosophy to estimate memory subsystem impact on processor performance


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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Technical reports: Technical reports library


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