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Technical reports 652-684

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)


This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
Load balancing in VAXclusters
NESTOR requirements and architecture
Evaluation of surface mount light emitting diode technology
Performance analysis of FDDI token ring networks: effect of parameters and guidelines for setting TTRT
Usability of Digital’s shipping paperwork for customers: human factors study and recommendations
Voltage contrast electron beam (VCEB) testing of PWB
Anisotropic adhesive technology phase 0 development
VMS version 5.2 backup performance tuning
Operations infrastructure transition plan
DEBAM bridge performance evaluation report
A guide to planning your mixed interconnect VAXcluster (MIVc) or local area VAXcluster (LAVc)
Program global village a place where people work
Competitive analysis and positioning of AT&T, IBM, and Digital structured cabling systems
Competitive software analysis: an analysis of six desktop publishing applications for ease of learning, ease of use, and functionality
A model for system security
Feature based parametric solids modeling for improving mechanical engineering design
Workstation competitive study: Digital Equipment Corporation / Sun Microsystems
Communication between highly distributed mobile objects
Implementing location independent invocation
Hermes: a framework for constructing highly distributed applications
Designing a generic object routing service
DBS: the operating system performance predictor


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